PRESS RELEASE (Singapore, May 2008)

“Coup for Singapore Exhibitors from the Spa & Wellness Association (Singapore) at Dubai’s Beauty Wellness & Spa Show (18 – 20 May 2008)”

In an unprecedented showing at this year’s Beauty, Wellness & Spa show in Dubai, the contingent from Singapore led by the Spa & Wellness Association (Singapore) – SWAS – scored a coup.

During this three day show, the Singapore contingent collectively garnered immediate sales orders exceeding S$700,000.00. Collectively, with another S$4,350,000.00 worth of sales under negotiation and an expected realization of S$6,159,000.00 sales expected over the next 12 months as a result of this show, our members are certainly more than pleased with the bumper crop.

Aside from supporting her team at the Expressions booth, our President (Dr Theresa Chew) took personal time off her busy schedule to meet with the key office bearers of the Singapore Business Council based in Dubai. She met with the current President and incoming President (Mr Ho How Wei and Mr Manoj Sabhnani respectively) to cement ties with the Singapore Business Council.

The contingent also had the opportunity to meet with Mr Danny Lim, Regional Director (South Asia, Middle East and Africa) of International Enterprise over dinner on 18 May. Mr Lim shared insightful and useful advice with our contingent in areas of business, legal, taxation, culture, not forgetting – living and doing business in the Middle East. It was a valuable and meaningful exchange for all.

“It was a pleasure meeting up with the Singapore exhibitors during the Dubai Spa & Wellness Exhibition as well as the exhibitors’ dinner on 18 May 08. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of companies participating in the event as well as the range of products offered by our companies. I have no doubt that our companies and their products will find a ready market in Dubai and the region, given our strong Singapore brand name as well as quality and range offered.

I hope the exhibition has been successful for our participating companies and will inspire them to look seriously at penetrating this market in the near future. As discussed during our interaction, companies seeking to succeed in the Middle East have to be mindful of the importance of culture,
relationship and having a presence in the region. The opportunities are vast but it takes time, resources and patience to do well here. I wish everyone, business success and look forward to assisting you in your foray into the Middle East”; said Mr Lim.

However, it was not all work and no play in Dubai for these exhibitors. Amidst their busy schedules, many found time to catch up with fellow Singaporeans based in the region and to take in the desert safari sites.

“Overall this trip has been very fruitful for us. We came without much expectation and were pleasantly surprised when the contracts started flowing in!” beamed Mr Johnner Tan of Team JSP Pte Ltd.

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